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Religion Policy

As a Christian school, Sifundzani Primary School values and recognizes spiritual diversity. The school does not condone prejudice against individuals because of their religion.

Attendance Policy

At Sifundzani School we believe that daily attendance is a critical factor for learner success at school. Regular attendance develops behavior patterns that are essential for professional and personal success in life. Parents and guardians have the responsibility of ensuring that learners attend and remain at school daily. Work missed due to absences can never be made up in a completely satisfactory manner and the value of class activities is missed forever.

Code of Conduct

Sifundzani Primary wishes to promote behavior that upholds the ideals of the school. Sifundzani promotes self discipline, mutual respect, tolerance and courtesy. Moral education and values are integral components of education at Sifundzani. The school wishes to uphold the rights of pupils to learn within a caring, supportive, and respectful school environment. The Code of Conduct is designed to provide pupils and parents with guidelines relating to school expectations on pupil behavior. Corporal Punishment is prohibited at Sifundzani.

Behavior Guidelines

Our basic aim is to promote courtesy, consideration for others and respect for our surroundings.